So here’s the deal—there’s a strong correlation between anxiety rising and blood sugar dropping…between surges in dark-thinking and the body’s low fuel warning.

Giving ourselves a treat is a healing thing to do when we choose foods that support our over-burdened nervous systems. Raw chocolate can literally help us feel better. It can encourage our brains to find the most healing, loving and uplifting way through the tricky holiday pressures. Why? Glad you asked. It’s because chocolate is:
– High in magnesium to balance brain chemistry and enhance positivity.
– Contains compounds that help serotonin do its job better (hooray for happy hormones!).
Learn more about the world’s best chocolate (and much a bunch along the way.)

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Among the many things you’ll do to enhance your creativity on this vacation is tour a Cacao plantations and take a professional chocolate tasting class. For those needing more relief from holiday stress, EARLY REGISTRATION is available NOW.

May your holiday be filled with
low stress & high chocolate!

Feliz Navidad!

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It takes 6 months for cacao fruit to ripen. The seeds are covered in a white fruity pulp that is quite delicious. Harvested seeds are fermented, dried and roasted before being turned into a chocolate liquor. That liquid is mixed with cocoa butter and other ingredients before becoming the chocolate we love to eat.

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