Even before Elvis crooned about blue suede shoes, the Galapagos boobies knew azure footwear was sexy.

Since boobies are opportunistic maters, guys learn to keep up appearances. Healthy male birds dive up to 70 ft. down to feed on sardines that provide the carotenoids that darken the pigmentation in their feet. Back on their island, they attract their intended female by flouncing their fancy feet in a humorous dance of strutting and bobbing – thus giving them their funny name.

It is said that Charles Darwin developed his theories on survival of the fittest observing Galapagos species.

Apparently, his wife never explained the importance of footwear to him.

TAKE-AWAY THOUGHTS: Despite their adorable nature, boobie populations are declining. If you have always dreamed of seeing the extraordinary creatures of the Galapagos in their natural habitat, I invite you to check out Cosmic Tapestry’s 2017 GALAPAGOS RETREAT next May. You can sign up to receive full information in advance of the general public. It’s guaranteed you’ll see lots of boobies on our trip, blue footed and otherwise (stop snickering)…there are actually 3 kinds of boobie birds.

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The Sally Lightfoot crab is a common sight on Galapagos beaches. Rumored to have been named after a Caribbean dancer, these colorful crustaceans are the clean up crew on coastline, eating everything from seal plancentas to ticks on iguanas.

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