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If the Galapagos has always been on your bucket list, now you can see it with the purposefulness of Darwin. Come discover one of the world’s most extraordinary places in a most extraordinary way.

May 1-10, 2017  |  10-Day Customized, Small Group Retreat

Is Your Purpose Environmental Discovery?

If you want to return to the dawn of creation to walk and swim with the fabled animals of evolution, then this trip is for you.


Small Group Adventure: We have found that between 10-14 is the perfect number of like-minded people to enjoy camaraderie and conversation on an environmental adventure or cultural outing.


Guided by field ecologists: Guided tours to locations on and off the well-worn path to see giant tortoises, sea turtles, boobies and other exotic birds, seal lions, iguanas, penguins, sharks and seahorses and much, much more.


Visit the Acclaimed Darwin Station & Breeding Center: Walk in the steps of Charles Darwin whose revolutionary contributions continue to impact science even today.


Land Discovery: Long lateral estuary preserves allow visitors to strike out on their own photo safari in search of exotic wildlife. Explore the contrasting ecologies of dark highland caves and recently-cooled lava cones and flows to find even more oddities of evolution.


Water Discovery: Privately chartered boats & guides bring us to hidden grottos and protected shallow pools where aquatic life abounds. Snorkeling opens up a world of sea


Air Discovery: For those who love small airplane rides, we’ve included a flight across the islands to see the lava flows that made these island archipelago

Is Your Purpose Thoughtful Understanding?

If your goal is to collect more than just snapshots if you really want to have the time to understand the context of what you’re experiencing then this trip is for you.


Background Preparation: From what to pack, to field biology, we give you advance information so you’ll be informed, comfortable, and carefree.


Thoughtfully-Paced Agendas: Wherever possible we build in personal time to explore and special options to match your pace and playtime.


Connections & Context: In addition to observing individual species, your guides will make a point to expose you to the local culture and global processes that impact the daily life and future of the Galapagos.


Mind/Body Relaxation: We begin our tour days with optional yoga/stretching and mindfulness exercises to will contribute to your flexibility and peaceful centering.


Water Discovery: Privately chartered boats & guides bring us to hidden grottos and protected shallow pools where aquatic life abounds. Snorkeling opens up a world of sea


Memories That Keep: Every traveler receives an artistic travelogue that includes daily agendas, pages for journaling, pockets for organizing memorabilia and nuggets of creative information. This will be a treasure for sharing when you return home.

After creating extraordinary events and consciousness raising tours for decades, we asked ourselves, What would our ideal retreat be like? Hands-down, our answer was a small, like-minded group retreat in the Galapagos Islands. Of course, the Galapagos are on everyone’s bucket list. As one of the most untouched and natural places on the planet, this inspirational setting is uniquely conducive to helping one see life in a much broader context. So if your heart is drawn to the primordial archipelago, the time for your own personal evolution may be at hand. map-of-journey-shadow

We guarantee this journey will open your eyes, expand your senses, and renew your awe for life and living.

To accomplish that, we’ve worked very hard to make sure that our small and customized trip also means competitively affordable.

We’ve used the best resources and most comfortable accommodations possible to keep the journey of your dreams within reach. Come be among the few who see the Galapagos in 2017. Ecuador limits tours to protect endangered species. We limit our group size to protect your experience.

Sigrid & Kimberly
Your Retreat Organizers
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Shop around, and you’ll see that even though our tour is exclusive and exquisite, it’s still modestly priced. Reservations for this 10-day Retreat start as low as $3995/person for double occupancy. We expect this adventure to fill up fast, but you can reserve your place, risk-free, for $750 until Thanksgiving.

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