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“My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue. An lasting vision of the every-changing view .”
Carole King, Tapestry

Butterflies-in-My-Belfry.lo-rez-219x300Every time I’ve made a radical change, it’s pushed my art forward.

I was nurtured by a dozen different international cultures before I was 20. The more differences I saw, the more I understood the common threads wove our communities together into a tapestry. I was already trying to paint this idea when I was only 10.

Water unites all living things on this fragile planet. Therefore, it seems totally appropriate to chose water media for my personal commentary on global issues like environmental sustainability and women’s empowerment. We sink or swim together in the vast flow of the cosmos.
Everywhere I’ve lived I’ve enjoyed a productive organic garden, even if only using containers on a patio. Watching dirt evolve into ripe fruits and then observing worms change those fruits back into dirt again, one learns to trust the divine order behind life’s chaos. Painting teaches me to put faith in the same creative flow, and that I believe, is the key to my own empowerment.

I’ve noticed that it’s hard for any of us to rise higher than the current vision we hold of ourselves. Clarity and focus are twin booster rockets. As my vision has expanded, so have my career experiences – from being a professional musician, to a microbiologist, to an ad agency entrepreneur, to an international marketing consultant leading business missions to India, Central America, Europe and China. I’ve built a global foundation for wealthy philanthropists and run local nonprofit empowerment programs for disenfranchised youth. And just as constant as the water, my painting has always been there to buoy me above each of life’s challenging adventures.

Richard Feynman, a physicist who explored Ecuador’s Amazon region, commented that “Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so that each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry.”

These days, I spend much of the year painting by the Pacific Ocean in Ecuador. It is a mysterious land that still has much to reveal. Here, I find the time, space and focus to work on the long threads that hold my creative work together.

We all have threads to add to the cosmic collage. I invite you to join me in this discovery at my creativity retreats, or by participating in my regular ArtBlogs. Information on both is on this website.



Sigrid Tidmore
Chief Artrepreneur Cosmic Tapestry

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