Original Art

Why Original Art is So Special:

An original painting is the artist’s masterpiece. Owning an original is similar to sharing the artist’s creative energy during the painting of the piece of art. It is a unique, one-of–a-kind expression, that can never quite be recaptured, even with the most sophisticated technology.


Original Paintings by Sigrid Tidmore

Sigrid’s original paintings are watercolor or acrylic, painted on canvas or 300 lb. archival watercolor paper. Energetic layers of brilliant color characterizes her work.

Sigrid paints in Tampa, Florida and Puerto Cayo, Ecuador, but she considers the world to be her studio.



What You Will Receive

Since the artist’s intention and energy are so important to an original painting, we offer interested buyers a chance to communicate directly with the creator of the painting using either phone, Skype or email.

Along with your artistic purchase, you will receive a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist (important for insurance purposes) and also sheet detailing the story behind the art, and how to properly care for it.

Sometimes the artwork will already be framed. Thumbnails of the art in its frame are available. You may choose to receive the work framed, or unframed, the cost will not vary either way.

Shipping the Art

Your purchased art will be professionally packaged and insured and sent via UPS. You may choose to receive it framed (which cost a bit more to ship) or unframed (which saves money, but you will have the expense of framing.) Either way, we guarantee the art will arrive in exactly the good condition represented to you by our representatives.

What’s a Giclée Print?

A Giclée (pronounced “Jee-clay”) is a modern printmaking process in which individual prints are produced on a special large-format printer in extremely high resolution, to give as exact as possible a reproduction of the precise colors and strokes of the original work. A giclée is the highest-quality reproduction available. Giclées may be printed on paper or on canvas. They are usually limited editions — each signed and numbered by the artist.

If you absolutely MUST have one of our fine images, but can’t quite afford the original, you may very well find a fine, signed print in the ART PRODUCTS section of this website.

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